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History Communication – Marketing and more

History Communication

Your history is unique - and we provide you with the tools to use it for your communication and marketing needs.

To make use of this valuable resource, it's important to establish History Communication as a process within your company. We can offer you advice on how to establish this process, including an awareness for the responsibility that comes with your historical heritage, and knowledge of the measures that you can take to preserve it. From establishing a professional, modern company archive to creating a comprehensive plan on how to integrate historical events into your communications and marketing - we can help you figure out precisely what you need. Whether it's for an anniversary of the company, a certain branch, a special product or even an important employee: we know how to tell your story in exhibitions, history-showrooms, company museums, via social media, a homepage or many other ways.

Use your historical heritage as a unique selling point by making your stories come to life - because they really are your unique identity.

Service components:

  • Archive
  • Exhibitions
  • Print media

We help you develop communications strategies and narratives tailored specifically to your historical content. Presenting your company's history in that way can help connect your target audience to your company while also demonstrating your tradition and expertise - ultimately showing your enduring identity even in times of change.

Conveying historical content requires specific methods though. Making the past come to life and making the visitor or reader feel an emotional connection to it is our central task. Instead of relying on generic chronicles or timelines, we will help you to find a more modern way to adress your audience, finding a voice that fits your company today while embracing your past. In this way, History Marketing makes your history a central unique selling point, giving you an edge over competitors.

Even beyond that, History Communication can establish a comprehensive strategy for historical brand communication, making full use of a variety of tools to promote internal values, like cohesion and employee loyalty. This way, an investment in your past can become an investment in your long term branding strategy - and your history can become a lasting added value.