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We find the needle in the haystack of history


We research your corporate history and discover the special stories within. We find the common thread connecting everything, and prepare your history for professional storytelling.

We show you which narratives allow you to present your corporate identity in the best and most vibrant way, whilst keeping your traditions visible and relevant. In this way, a profound historical research can not only offer possibilites for your brand communication, but also help you promote your long-term values for your employer branding and customer loyalty. In addition, we do thorough fact-checks (e.g. the precise date of foundation) and create reports about particular events and complicated issues of your corporate history (e.g. the history during the Nazi era and forced labour).

To generate useable information from a substantial stock of data, the know-how and the experience of our corporate historians can be an invaluable asset. Historians offer a broad range of skills in researching your corporate history and combine their skills in information management with an awareness of the historical background. This experience allows us to use a goal-oriented approach when collecting the facts, so we can then combine them to form a bigger picture.

When faced with a chain of events that might, at first glance, appear to be unmanageable or even worse, boring, it takes both technical proficency (in the handling of ancient documents and old handwriting) as well as academic expertise to chisel away the excess data and form a clear story to tell and experience. Using this method of professional and painstaking research, we often unearth unexpected treasures in the past which help us bring back a fading memory and turn it into a vivid story. Because that is the essence of your history: Not just a series of isolated dates and events, but a collection of decisions, emotions and experiences shared by generations of employees and company managers.

It's our job to unearth this connection: To bring to light those stories which link together all the elements of your company for decades past - and decades to come.

Service Components:

  • Archival Research
  • Interviews: Oral History interviews with employees and company leaders
  • Licensing and clearing up rights issues on the use of images and movies
  • Transcribing old manuscripts