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A new way to experience history


Modern companies write modern history - and present themselves using modern methods.

The history of your company can benefit from an up-to-date presentation. Multimedia elements offer a fresh perspective and can be a great way to attract attention for your content, becoming an attraction for your visitors, wether its in your own lobby or in your booth at a trade fair. Even if originally created for a specific event, digital content is much easier to rescale and update for future uses than more traditional forms of media, making them a good investment and a lasting link to your history.

Service components:

  • Touchtables (content and production)
  • Multimedia stations
  • Projections

We provide: Concepts and content for touch-tables, multimedia-stations.

Using our expertise in design and production, we can help you create multimedia content that is more than just a gimmick. High-quality displays like a touch-table allow your visitors to explore your history with their fingertips, experience various audiovisual and game-elements and generally immerse themselves into the content at their own pace.

This way, various different types of visitors can be reached: more tech-savvy younger visitors can get a more direct connection to your history, while the more senior users are oftentimes impressed by the new possibilites and the independence offered by the virtual interface.

Even after the initial anniverary events are over, digital content allows for easy further utilisation. Content can be updated at any time and kept up-to-date with the latest research into your history. But even the technology can be kept in use - a touch-table can be transfered from the initial exhibition to various company sites around the world, and it's even possible to create apps that can be scaled for use on any tablet or smartphone.