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Get your history moving

Filme und Projektionen

Experience the impact of an immersive projection:

Like no other form of presentation, a projection can take the viewer directly into a new world. In a 270°-projection, your history is front and center: with well curated and presented original documents and images as well as interesting stories told by professional voice actors - the narrative is close to the audience, emotional, and creates a unique feeling of identification with your company and its history. 

We provide the research of all relevant content, including all media, clarify and secure the rights to all relevant external content (movies, images) and create storyboards. We also work in tandem with our established partners to create the finished product

Service components:

  • Researching movies and images
  • Creating storyboards
  • Production and post-production

Having access to historical film material is always a stroke of luck for the presentation of history: They deliver a direct glimpse into the past, be it through contemporary commercials or through early amateur home movies from the company's founding family. If your company has any historical film records, we help you to preserve them and present them in the best possible light.

Historical records aside, movies can be a great way to move your audience. With our partners, we create clips, movies and interviews for your exhibitions which breathe life into your narrative, and remain a strong tool for your brand communication for years to come. High quality production guarantees a professional result which meets the high standards of your company.

Even if you don't have access to any historical footage, we can help you create immersive showcases for the images you do have. Audiovisual 270 degree projections draw your visitors directly into the history of your company, combining information with an exciting and memorable presentation.