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Preserving your living memory

Contemporary witness interviews

When you're trying to preserve memories and experiences, one fundamental principle of any company holds true: the most important resources of any business are it's employees - past and present.

Because history is not solely created on paper, you can not expect to find all of it in archives. When trying to connect your history with the people who have lived it, what better method to achieve that then to make those very people a focal point of your story? Interviews with leaders, innovators or former and current employees are a great way to bridge the gap between past and present and give a human face to your history. And more often than not, such interviews can bring new stories and anecdotes to light which would have been lost otherwise.

Our team is skilled in conducting interviews with contemporary witnesses, helping them remember those special stories. We can conduct interviews both with or without a movie recording.

Service components:

  • Interviews
  • Movie productions
  • Transcripts

Tapping the full potential use of your company's memories is a complex task. While textbased historical research can be a good way to understand the development of your business, the practiced values and traditions of your company are best reflected in the memories of your employees.

Bringing these memories to light, preserving them and utilizing them is our specialty. Our experts have the experience to conduct interviews so as to best unearth the most interesting stories. With a mobile team we can record these interviews directly at your location, and use professional cutting and editing to create a varied and vivid final product.

This way, we can not only preserve those memories, but bring them closer to your audience at the same time (e.g. in exhibitions or on a dedicated website) and use that authenticity to create a closer connection and identification with your company.