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Putting your history in the spotlight


An exhibition is a great way to bring your history closer to the audience. It can emphasize emotions, creating a direct connection to your employees, customers and the general public.

Almost no other measure of your anniversary can speak to your target audience as directly as an exhibition. Authentic exhibits, meaningful photographs and concise texts make your history come to life, offering a unique experience. Even beyond an anniversary, a well-crafted exhibition can be a lasting tool for your public relations, helping you to continuously offer insights into your history, either as a travelling exhibition or as a permanent company museum.

Service components

  • Exhibition concepts (content)
  • State-of-the-art exhibition design
  • Company museums

To guarantee an exhibition becomes a success for your company, careful planning is indispensable. Beyond a thorough knowledge of your history and a careful selection of interesting exhibits, the most important step is to set a clear goal beforehand: What is the target audience? Which topics should be central to the exhibition - and how should they be presented to the audience?

With our broad experience in creating concepts and designs for exhibitions, we can assist you every step of the way. Whether you want a small presentation of select objects or a comprehensive, multimedia-enabled exhibition travelling every branch of your company - we offer solutions on all scales. With our partners for graphic design and technical implementation we can create an exhibition fitting your specifications perfectly, including texts, accompanying video and unique exhibition spaces.

Additionally, integrating your measures into a broader anniversary and communications concept allows you to create more awareness for your exhibition. Here too, we can help you plan a comprehensive campaign, including specific events or opening ceremonies.