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Consulting & Concepts

Planning an anniversary or starting a history-related project from scratch can be a daunting task. We help you by developing concepts for your anniversary (creating a full roadmap, including individual events and measures) as well als plans for exhibitions and the establishment or overhaul of corporate archives. You can benefit from our experience when you're embarking on the road to your anniversary, or trying to implement your company's history into your communication and marketing strategy.

Your historical heritage, the DNA of your company, offers a broad range of authentic stories for your content marketing and storytelling needs and should be a cornerstone of your communication strategy. It is through history that you can best convey long-standing values like authenticity and trust, and it is through a strong tradition that you can best connect your employees with your company.

Service Components:

  • Ideas workshop
  • Full anniversary concepts
  • Communications planning
  • Project coordination

We know which measures you can take to effectively incorporate your history into the public relations and marketing aspects of your communication, and help you develop the strategies and concepts which suit your company's needs - whether it's for a small booklet or for a complete exhibtion. This way we can ensure that all individual measure complement each other to create lasting value for you and your brand.

Without the proper strategy though, it is easy to lose sight of the most important parts of your history and fail to reach the audience with your most exciting stories. We help you avoid that problem with a tailor-made concept for your anniversary which offers you a range of options to best present your historical content to the proper audience in the best way possible. Proactive planning is also the best way to keep costs low and optimize the use of your ressources: With a good concept in place, our experienced historians can help you find the most efficient solutions for your needs from the initial research right down to the finished exhibition or event.

Finally, our expertise can be an important asset for you when dealing with sensitive issues. Especially for older companies, consulting with qualified historians is highly recommended to properly evaluate and classify the company history in tumultous times (e.g. involvements in Nazi-era events) and find an appropriate way to communicate the facts.