More than dusty files

Company Archive

The archive is the memory of your company. We can help you preserver that memory permanently.

If done right, an archive is more than just a nostalgic indulgence. With a professional archive solution, you can lay the foundation for a successful development and utilization of your history as a marketing tool and secure your valuable memories from decay - saving time and money down the road. In the long term, a well-maintained archive guarantees that your history continues to be recorded well into the future.

We have the necessary expertise and equipment to offer the right solution for every company: We consult you on both storage and utilisation of your archive collections, regardless of whether you have a handful of boxes or decades of files and objects. With existing archives, we are also able to offer our support in updating them for optimal use in the future. Finally, we can help you digitize select parts of your collection to increase useability and accessibility of your company archive.

Service components:

  • Archive Setup – concepts and consulting
  • Archive Services Inhouse – appraisal, archival description, handling requests
  • Archive Services Compact – collection of files/media, archival description and packaging at the H&C Stader offices, delivery of completed archival documents

For many companies, the setup and maintenance of an historical archive is somewhat of an afterthought - a timeconsuming task that keeps getting overlooked during everyday operations. Records are often kept more or less chaotically, under conditions which facilitate the decay or even complete destruction of important documents.

This makes it all the more important to invest in a well-organized company archive - because your history is a valuable resource for your company: Your values and traditions are alive and visible in the documents and pictures from the past. Keeping this heritage preserved and even making it an asset for your company requires a professional archive.

To ensure we can provide assistance even during the most dire circumstances (like natural disasters), H&C Stader is a member of "Notfallverbund Archive Rhein-Neckar e. V." (NARN), a network to provide support and know-how for archives in emergencies.