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Creating a lasting memory

Books & Brochures

Your company is writing history - we are putting it to paper. Create a piece of history that outlasts any anniversary and can showcase your history for years to come.

A well-made commemorative publication, brochure or company chronicle can form a cornerstone of your historical communication and is a lasting reminder of your anniversary activities. Use the opportunity to create a high-value calling card for your company that employees, customers and business partners alike are sure to remember.

From the initial research to the finished book, we provide all necessary services to create a well-crafted publication that fits your company.

Service Components:

  • Storytelling
  • Writing (Copy & Historical Texts)
  • Production

Whether it's short brochures or elaborate commemorative publications - high-quality print products help you present your company in the best light possible. Knowing that, it's important not to leave anything to chance when creating a lasting representation.

When designing a publication, you can rely on the expertise of our qualified historians to deliver a text that tells your history with academic precision, based on extensive research and interviews with contemporary witnesses. At the same time, we employ journalists, editors and PR experts to make sure your text is not only historically acurate, but also tells a compelling story. To that end, we also incorporate authentic images and archive footage as well as informative graphs.

To guarantee that the final product is up to the highest standards both visually and haptically, we edit every publication profesionally, integrating the layout and look of your brand and using high-quality paper as well as high-class print enhancement. That way, we can provide a product that, even at first sight, is a testament to the values of your company.