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You make history - we tell the world about it

History Marketing is a fascinating and multi-facetted field that can create a lot of new opportunities. In many cases it's a looming anniversary that puts the issue of a company’s history on the table – but it could also be the design of a new brochure, or even the sudden realization that there is an unused treasure trove of archive material that has been slumbering in the basement for decades. In either case, you will soon find that there are a lot of good reasons to take a closer look at your corporate history.

In whatever way you want to utilize your history for your company or your anniversary: we are here to help. We look for the essentials of your past within your historical records – and unveil the big, decisive moments as well as the small anecdotes that flesh out your history. This way, we can tell your story the way it deserves to be told: As unique and interesting as your company. Our experienced team can then create a History Marketing solution that fits your specific needs for every occasion and scope.

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We find the needle in the haystack of history

Finding the right way to tell your story

A lasting memory

Putting your history in the spotlight

Moving beyond dusty files

More than just a marketing device

Preserving your living memory

History you can touch

Making your history move

Putting Your Anniversary in the Best Hands

We consult on all things related to your anniversary: Developing ideas for events (or a full calendar of activities), creating concepts and writing anniversary chronicles or brochures – whatever it is you need, we make it happen in a way that reflects the values of your company both in form and content.

For design work and events, we can rely on a trusted network of partner agencies who can help us bring your story to life in whatever way you chose. This way, we can guarantee that your history is told coherently and concisely, tying all events together with a common thread and a shared message – so the only thing you need to worry about is celebrating.

History for Your Future - Utilizung a Corporate Archive

An annoying chore, or a collection of dusty files in an attic? Many companies neglect their archive - and thus waste a lot of potential. A modern corporate archive is the memory of your company, a nearly endless source for content for all areas of communications and as such a crucial component of your brand.

With H&C Stader Archiv, we can provide you the specialized expertise to shape your new archive. Whether you're just reorganizing an existing one or creating a new one from scratch - we can assist you with all of your questions and provide you customized solutions to build a future-proof archive.