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H&C Stader - creating lasting value with your history

About Us

When you're looking for an agency to support your corporate communications, you can chose between a number of competing specializations and experts: There are experts for PR, experts for Social Media - and there are experts for History Marketing. We at H&C Stader History & Communciation are the right choice if you're looking for someone to help you utilize one of the most valuable assets of your brand: your history.

That's because we aren't historians only researching and examining the facts of your past - we are communications experts who know that your past can do a lot more for your company. We are constantly looking for the details that make your past unique, and find the stories behind your history: coincidences, milestones, memories. Using our experience, we can bring those stories to life for your target audience, bridging the gap between past and future true to our motto: future grows from heritage.

To find the best stories, we have all the tools of the profesional academic historian: we are skilled at research (both within archives and outside of them), reading original sources and obscure handwriting, and putting all we find into the broader historical context. From our work with different companies, we have garnered expertise in a number of fields, including chemistry, technology, cars, pharmaceutics, logicstics and finance. We consider ourselves to be detectives of your past, unearthing the small details of history which then become cornerstones of your brand. Beyond our interest in your history, what defines us is our passion for telling it: it's our mission to to present your story the best way we can - vivid, moving, and relatable. To do that, we are using a broad arsenal of storytelling techniques and make use of modern technology (like interactive presentations of 270°-projections) where needed.

Ultimately, what defines us is our willingness to customize our approach to your unique history, to achieve results that go beyond any marketing gimmicks and create a lasting value for your company. We aim to exceed your expectations, and look forward to showing you what we can do.

Guiding Principles

1. We are both historians and experts for history marketing. We combine academic scholarship with modern communication.


2. We cater our services to the needs of our customers by creating customized solutions for their requirements.

3. Our central aim is to take the historical heritage of a company and use it to create a lasting benefit for its brand and identity.


4. We offer our customer a well-structured, invidualized project with clear contacts to coordinate their needs with our experts.

5. We are a vibrant team, working to continuously develop our individual strengths, to grow together as a company for the benefit of our customers.

Our network

In order to always provide the best solutions for our customers, we stay up to date with latest trends - in academia as well as in corporate communications. To this end, we're a member of various important associations:

Bundesverband Industriekommunikation (bvik)
Vereinigung dt. Wirtschaftsarchivare (VdW)
Gesellschaft für Unternehmensgeschichte (GUG)
Verband der Historikerinnen und Historiker Deutschlands
Bundesverband dt. Pressesprecher
Notfallverbund Archive Rhein-Neckar e.V.


We are always looking to keep on growing, developing and facing new challenges - and our own history reflects that aim


Dr. Ingo Stader starts H&C Stader GmbH History & Communication with two employees. The philosophy: to combine the academic know-how of historians with the expertise of communications experts - to create added value from history.


Start of the (still ongoing) support for the company archive of BASF. Move to the new office with 4 employees.


Two large exhibitions at the Sparkassen Aurich Norden and Kraichgau. H&C Stader is the general contractor for the anniversary campaign of owner-managed natural remedies producer Salus, 7 employees.


Initial concepts for the modernization of the company archive of Hapag-Lloyd and start of the (still ongoing) execution of that project - including upgrades to the office for larger archive projects and renting of additional storage space.


H&C Stader leads the team to create the company museum "Erlebnisraum Geschichte" of DekaBank. 11 employees.


After six years, H&C Stader has quintupled its number of employees and moves to a new office (twice as large)